Not a businessman.. a business, man

In the words of Martin Turner, the course coordinator for CQU’s Using Accounting for Decision Making this year I’m going to be exploring the (possibly) exciting world of accounting with students from across Australia.

This blog has been developed to showcase some of the work I’ll be undertaking as part of this course, but I also thought it would be a good opportunity to have a look at how different people use accounting in their every day businesses. In addition I’ll be sharing some articles, videos, and speakers who I find inspiring- some related to accounting, business, and economics while others are just new ways of looking at the world and cross sector collaborators and innovators.

Follow CQU’s Martin Turner on Twitter: @MartinTurner12



      • Umm well the more I think about the answer to that question, the more I really do not know. I am finding a lot of the content we are learning very confusing and am still trying to get my head around a lot of things. Definitely getting stuck in to the assignment though, don’t want to fall behind that’s for sure.

        How about yourself? How are you going with everything?

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      • If you’re getting through your assignment, you must be doing well! Just remember this is an introductory course and don’t overthink it. I sometimes get bogged down in detail, or manage to confuse myself, but then I repeat the mantra – into unit, intro unit. And just keep things as simple as possible. I like the unit, there is just a lot of different outlets for communication (FB group, twitter, blog, moodle etc) and peerwise (don’t get me started on peerwise) which has been the most frustrating thing so far.
        **Intro unit, intro unit…



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