The Crazy 88: Self Reflection, benchmarks and learning goals

  • Self evaluation using the Auspicious Arts Incubator’s 92 question checklist

The Auspicious Arts Incubator looks to empower cultural groups, arts organisations, and arts entrepreneurs with the business know-how, skills, and tools to help them develop sustainable practices and thrive in the competitive arts market.

Auspicious Arts has devised a comprehensive survey of 92 questions designed as a checklist to see if you have the skills it takes to run a small arts business.

As an arts industry worker embarking on a business journey at CQU this year, I thought this would be an ideal survey to complete to identify my strengths and weaknesses. Here is a link to my results:

92 Question Survey

As my journey into the world of accounting progresses, I will revisit the survey results and update this blog post and reevaluate what I know and still need to know. In addition, this list may end up growing as I find new skills that will be helpful to running a successful small arts business.

I would like to acknowledge the fact that my blog title suggests there could be 88 points in this self evaluation, however there are 92 markers in the Auspicious Arts Incubator’s skills to running a successful arts business. To be honest, I couldn’t think of a good title using ’92’, and I can’t resist the opportunity to Photoshop image montages: putting normal people’s heads (in this case mine) on a famous person’s body. I simply can’t.

image credit: a scene from kill bill (2003), by Quentin Tarantino (digitally altered)


  1. Arts business certainly requires a well rounded skill set, and adaptability. The fact there are 92 skills show the complexity of the area, but what a great way to keep pushing ourselves to learn on many different fronts with this checklist!

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  2. Hi Amy – love your blog … and the 92 question checklist.

    You are so in luck with our course … hehe … time management is a key skill you need in our course (the first item in the checklist) … with so many assessed learning tasks, it is key to note in your calendar when they are due and also figure out when you will complete these tasks.

    Perhaps you will finish our course with this skill further developed. 🙂

    And love the pun in your blog name …

    I look forward to you also visiting and contributing comments to my blog (and other’s blogs) too:

    Regards, Martin

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