Cross it off your list

  • Keep on top of your #ACCT11059 workload and feel good – truly

It’s week 1 of semester 1 and #ACCT11059 is in full swing. Because there is no exam in this course, the trade off is having to complete a lot of small tasks (including Peer Wise). You know that saying don’t sweat the small stuff? Don’t sweat your #ACCT11059 tasks – organise them into a list, and as we say in my office, “let’s just smash it out and go to lunch”. #ACCT11059Tips – always check your work.

Have you ever been told to write down everything you need to do on a things to do list, and then cross of each item as it’s been completed? There is actually a scientific and evolutionary reason for why things to do lists help us complete tasks. I’m not going to explain it because ethnographer and leadership expert, Simon Sinek, hits the nail on the head with this talk:

The talk goes for about 45 minutes but if you don’t have time, just watch the first 12 minutes or so. If you’re taking MGMT11109 this semester, bookmark this page for later and check out some of Simon’s Ted Talks too.

Another great resource for #ACCT11059 tips is on our course coordinator, Martin Turner’s blog and for twitter tips – search the hashtag #ACCT11059tips.

Follow Simon Sinek on Twitter.




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