We Build on the Past: Subtle Disruptors

Subtle Disruptors is a podcast I have recently happened across and started following. The series is the brainchild of Melbourneite, Adam Murray, who also has a blog you can follow here. Subtle Disruptors is built on the premise that although Melbourne is regarded by some as the world’s most livable city, sometimes its citizens can be quite self-depreciating about their city’s merits. So Adam has been seeking out some of those amazing individuals- Subtle Disruptors, who are invested in their city and giving them an opportunity to share their entrepreneurial efforts which seek to strengthen and celebrate the city’s identity.

The following podcast, Jirra Lulla Harvey: Aboriginal Entrepreneurs and Disrupting Australian (mono)Culture, is an interview with Jirra Lulla Harvey who is the brains behind, Kalinya Communications, a Melbourne based communications agency celebrating First Nations, local and community voices.

If you’ve read though our #ACCT10059 course coordinator Martin’s Chapter 1 Study Guide (if you haven’t yet, hop to it! It’s available on Moodle go, go) you would have read about Luca Pacioli, an Italian mathematician who is usually referred to as the ‘Father of Accounting’. Pacioli wrote a book in 1494, Summa de arithmetica, geometrica, proportioni et proportionalita, which synthesised some of the earlier thinking around accounting and described double-entry accounting: a system which, although it has been reinterpreted over subsequent generations, many of the sentiments from 1494 are still retained in accounting practice today.

So this poses the question: if knowledge catalysed over 500 years ago in Italy is still relevant in Australia today – what can over 60,000 years of Indigenous knowledge and continuous culture offer to teach us in contemporary Australian business? And, in Jirra’s words “how can we combine it [Indigenous knowledge & traditions] with global technology?”

Just a thought..




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