Tip Top Blogs

Thank you to everyone who has mentioned my blog in their top three. Your kind words are really appreciated.

For my favourite blogs, I can’t go past a bit of drama, or a fellow student with a fashion retailer like my company OrotonGroup.

Zac’s blog: https://zacbeveridge.wordpress.com/

Zac, like Liz has a really juicy story behind their company. Slater and Gordon are lawyers – you’ve probably seen the ads at the back of the phonebook. Anyway the media whipped up a bit of a frenzy after S&G wrote down a pretty tidy sum in goodwill sending the share price into a tailspin. Thankfully for S&G as we edge closer to a 24 hour or less news cycle (even in Mackay, unless it has to do with local council, then hunker down) it seemed to blow over. However there are some lessons to be learnt about investing in companies who have a no win, no fee policy.

Sue’s blog: https://suebee521.wordpress.com/

‘A baby boomer’s next step with technology’. There are so many reasons why I love Sue’s blog. The first is because she said this on her first post: “I am a mother of 2 adult sons, one graduated and one who will be my study buddy. I graduated in 1984 with a BSc.” Study Buddy with her son? This is legit awesome. And she has a science degree? Awesome, again. I was pleased to find out Sue had been given a retailer and surprise, surprise there was a bit of drama afoot. Noni B has been operating at a loss but taking steps, not dissimilar to OrotonGroup, in clawing back their profit margins. Customer is truly king in retail.

Liz’s blog: https://liz023.wordpress.com/

Liz is a lady after my own heart with her blog named It’s Accrual World. I just can’t resist a pun, obvs. I also enjoy the writing style, which is similar to mine. Liz has Billabong, and after reading an article about the rise of Surf Stitch the other day, I was really happy to find out someone had Billabong to work with. If you don’t know the story, head over to It’s Accrual World and find out for yourself! It’s a testament to what happens when your brand is built on brightly coloured tees with huge logos across the front, and the kids figure out they want to wear a hipster v instead and your company doesn’t adjust.



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