Chapter 8: Some thoughts

Reading Chapter 8 was really valuable. It’s almost like it was the culmination of everything we have done so far in ACCT11059. I have a new respect for the multiple, and often interlinked, factors managers must deal with in order to arrive at one decision. And furthermore how one decision or calculation can have a knock on effect in terms of long term planning. Something key that has come out of this course so far is that trust really does underpin everything that happens in business. Trust is so important because of uncertainty. If there is one thing I am certain of, it’s uncertainty will always play a major influencer in decision making. In times of uncertainly as a manager, I would hope that I can put my trust in external and internal actors. Trust is like a counter balance to uncertainty. It’s like a credit to a debit: and I hope mine always balance.



Featured Image: Ugo Rondinone, Seven Magic Mountains in the Nevada Desert



  1. Hi Amy,
    Just wondering how you are going with your ratios. I have tried to find some industry benchmarks with little success for relevant and up to date ones. I will have a look at your draft when done and see how our retailers compare.

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