The final countdown and end of the Journey

Today is a really exciting day, our Assignment 3 is due at 11am which means this is the official end of the course. I’m currently doing a final proof read and preparing to upload and put on my favourite Spotify playlist which is full of classic rock gems.

I’d like to thank everyone for their support of my blog, thoughtful and insightful discussions, and proof reading my lengthy assignments to give feedback. And, of course to Martin Turner the #ACCT11059 Course Coordinator and Maria Tyler who is an amazingly well accomplished lady – seriously – she has so many degrees, and a family,  gives back to the Mackay community, and kicks butt in various martial arts.

A few final words of wisdom, from various sources and my Spotify playlist, as you go forth into the world with the inspired wisdom of #ACCT11059.

“May you debits and credits always balance”

Candice Baptist, Accountant and dear friend.


“It’s the final countdown / do-do do doo / do-do do do do / do-do do doo / do-do do-do do do do”

Joey Tempest, lead singer of Europe, from The Final Countdown – this blog’s namesake.


“Pour some sugar on me.. [in the name of love]”

Def Leppard, from Pour Some Sugar on Me.


“Don’t stop believin’ / ..Hold on to the feelin'”

Journey, from Don’t Stop Believin’.

journey 1


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