A favour: Vote for me in the 2017 Student Council Elections! [please :)]

I saw a few messages today on the #ACCT11059 Facebook group and I’m just so happy The Final AcCountdown is helping some of the T1, 2017 students. 

If your currently scratching your head (or pulling your hair out) because of the assignment content, just know: I was you one year ago today!

That’s why when Martin asked me to leave my blog up, I was very happy to, if it meant I might be able to remove a little bit of anxiety and stress from someone else’s life. 

The truth is, I’m probably a bit older than most of you, and I think I have the capacity to help – and I will! This is why I’m running for Student Representitive Council as the Western Australian rep. I’m up against 1 other candidate and would love, love, love, your vote if you are currently based in WA. 

Things are looking up for WA – a new State Government and maybe even a new Student Council Representative (me, hopefully). 

You can vote HERE and the poll closes on Sunday 26, March. But there’s no time like the present!

To go one extra step, please share this link, comment, tag or re-tweet me @amyplant_ or connect on Instagram @plantstagram

Oh yes, and enjoy this Alice Cooper classic, just another public service I offer – a fine curated selection old school tunes!


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